6 Technical SEO Tricks To Build Your WordPress SEO

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Here's 6 Technical SEO Services for Our WordPress SEO Approach

Having over 6 years of combined WordPress experience, our experts have the knack for identifying areas in a website that require additional refinement. When you collaborate with us, we’ll tackle the following facets of your WordPress SEO strategy:

WordPress Hosting

Our WordPress SEO specialists will delve into finding the perfect hosting server for your WordPress website that is rapid, secure, and reliable. Google does not like SLOW sites.


Pinpointing the precise keywords to target can often be a challenging task. They tend to be either exceedingly competitive or devoid of any traffic. Finding the sweet spot is crucial for your WordPress SEO, and that's where we step in to assist you.

Search Friendly Backlinks

We’ll deploy dedicated Search Friendly links to your WordPress site to create SEO friendly backlinks which are instrumental not only for ranking but also for internal diagnostics.

WordPress Categories

WordPress categories are vital for ranking – we’ll bolster your existing structure; by instigating additional settings, we aim to accelerate your site’s speed, and simplify indexing.

Sitemap Management

A well-organized sitemap is key to keeping your content structured. Our experts will establish a solid structure and ensure it remains up-to-date.


We'll fine-tune your Robots.txt file to facilitate smoother indexing of your WordPress site’s pages and images.

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Double your traffic in 180 days with our WordPress SEO

How to do SEO for WordPress website?

Beyond the standard modifications needed to sustain and enhance your SEO, a WordPress SEO expert may recommend you to make the following tweaks to work on your SEO. It’s crucial to ensure your URLs are SEO friendly, your files are named correctly, and much more. Engaging a WordPress SEO company is always a wise choice to assist you in this endeavor.

If you are using WooCommerce for eCommerce SEO, we are masters at ranking your products.

What is WordPress SEO?

WordPress SEO is the procedure of optimizing your WordPress site to improve its overall performance and ranking position. Often, a WordPress SEO agency will evaluate your WordPress site and provide guidance on the necessary alterations. As WordPress SEO experts, we are here to steer you towards SEO triumph for your business.

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I need backlinks for my WordPress site. Where can I get them?

Backlinks for your WordPress site can be acquired through various means – you might consider utilizing forum signatures or embedding banners with a text link. Purchasing backlinks is also an option although it carries a risk as it violates Google’s Webmaster policy.

How can browser caching help my WordPress SEO?

Browser caching pertains to the capability of the browser to retain data needed by the internet browser to load site pages. By judiciously managing how your site instructs browsers to store files which assist in reloading pages, you not only enhance site speed but also optimize resource management.

For eCommerce SEO with WordPress, it is important to ensure all of your images are in the next gen WebP format.

Get Organic Traffic With WordPress SEO

We are a seasoned WordPress SEO agency boasting a team of top-tier SEO specialists! We’re eager to discover how we can design and implement the finest WordPress SEO solutions for your online store, boosting your sales and championing your online growth ambitions.

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I have a good WordPress SEO ranking. How can I keep it?

Preserving your position in search engine rankings over the long haul requires fully SEO-optimized content and robust backlinks. Endeavor to enrich your site with backlinks packed with as much information as possible. If you find yourself unable to dedicate time for updates, ensure that visitors obtain ample information upon landing on your pages and that search engines can effortlessly pinpoint your primary keywords.

SEO Turtle delivers the premier WordPress SEO services available, schedule a consultation with us today to receive your personalized quote!

If are looking for WooCommerce SEO, we have a good strategy to optimise your site for eCommerce.

What are some advantages to WordPress SEO?

There are many advantages to using WordPress to build your website and maintain it’s search engine friendliness:

  • Enhanced user management,
  • Versatility in displaying non-standard content,
  • Integrated multilingual support through plugins.
  • Elementor WordPress site builder!
  • Plugins in general, there is such a wide variety you can find one to do anything.
Do I need WordPress SEO

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Why is it crucial to optimize my WordPress titles?

The title of a webpage emerges as one of its most crucial elements – search engines view it as a primary data point when determining its classification and ranking. If somebody is searching ‘Do I need eCommerce SEO for WordPress?’ and we answer that with it as our title, then we are more likely to appear first.

Additionally, the title prominently displays as the most noticeable part of a search result and also appears atop browser windows.

It’s essential to ensure your WordPress page and article titles are always precise. They should preferably commence with your ‘target keyword’ – the term you aim to achieve a high rank for in search results.

Is my WordPress Website optimized for mobile?

A reliable method to gauge your site’s adaptability to mobile devices is through Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test. Platforms catering to mobile audiences typically yield better SEO outcomes, presenting an invaluable chance for enhanced ranking.


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If you are not looking for SEO, how about a new website?

E-Commerce SEO

Seeking steady, superior traffic without the costs? We're well-versed in the unique nature of e-commerce SEO and can tailor strategies to elevate your online sales.

SEO Audit

Our expert SEO professionals evaluate your site's compatibility with search engines to devise a tailored strategy for its ascent in search results.

International SEO

Going global? Allow us to fine-tune your site, enhancing its allure to your international audience, regardless of their location.

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WordPress SEO FAQ

Indeed, WordPress is renowned for its SEO-friendly features. Its design is conducive to search engine guidelines which can aid in achieving better rankings. The platform is also well-liked for its ease of integration with various SEO plugins that further optimize your site for search engines.


Yes, WordPress comes with built-in SEO features like permalinks, image optimization, and header tags. However, to fully leverage its SEO potential, many site owners opt for additional SEO plugins like Yoast SEO or All in One SEO Pack.


There are numerous reputable third-party plugins that can bolster your WordPress SEO efforts. Some of the notable ones include Yoast SEO, All in One SEO Pack, and Rank Math. These plugins provide comprehensive tools and features to enhance your site’s SEO.

Improving SEO in WordPress entails a mix of utilizing its built-in SEO features, installing reputable SEO plugins, and adhering to best SEO practices. This includes optimizing your site structure, enhancing your content with relevant keywords, and building quality backlinks.


To get your WordPress website indexed in Google, start by ensuring your site is SEO-friendly and accessible to search engines. You can then submit your website’s sitemap to Google via the Google Search Console. Additionally, creating high-quality, unique content and garnering backlinks will also signal to Google that your site is valuable and should be indexed.


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Is my WordPress SEO website mobile optimised
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