Crypto SEO can increase awareness of your project

Crypto SEO can drive more users to your blockchain platform

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How will you rank my Crypto Company?

Learn About Crypto

One of the best ways to attract customers in this space is to teach them. Crypto SEO can be applied to teaching users how to use your platform

Crypto Twitter (x) Growth

Do you want to grow your crypto X account? Well we have first hand experience in this field. It is a lot of work, which involves joinging and hosting spaces, reaching out to influencers for interviews, hosting webinars, and providing LFT and threads that add value!

Google Search Console

We will make sure your site is on GSC! Most people overlook the power of Google Search Console, not us. We have used it to identify pages on clients website which are underperforming and bulked them up with blockchain SEO methods.

Crypto Backlinks

If you are operating in the Web3, Blockchain or Crypto indsutry, you will need niche specific backlinks. We work with a lot of different companies who provide relevant backlinks in this area.

Web3 Competitor Gap Analysis

Crypto and Web3 SEO involves comparing competitors websites to see which keywords they are ranking for and you are not. We would then build a content strategy around that.

Our Crypto SEO Strategy

Most Web3 companies are busy building that they are overlooking their SEO strategy

How does our Crypto SEO strategy begin?

We are advocates of cryptocurrency with over 6+ years of experience in the crypto, web3 and blockchain technologies. We have worked with companies in the past, such as CoinMarketCap, Crypto Academy, Crypto24 and Moonberg Group. The key to the industry is to know the search intent of the user and how it aligns with your offering, before this, we intend to understand your crypto websites current situation.

The most effective Crypto SEO strategy typically involves:

  • A full website review – to assess any technical issues with your business website. This helps us to understand your target audience as well.
  • Competitor Gap Analysis – When we establish your key competitors, we will identify ways to outrank them by providing more value to users.
  • Creating content around your existing services – E.g. If you are a DeFi platform, we can create articles about how to use your platform, and then explain different things about them, such as ‘What is a Liquidity Pool?’
  • Crypto Backlink Building Strategy – Once all of the technical SEO issues are fixed on your crypto website, we would start a strong backlink building strategy to gain you more authority on Google!
blockchain seo grow your organic traffic
crypto seo grow your organic traffic

How can a crypto company grow organic traffic

Ultimately, engaging with a cryptocurrency SEO Agency will enhance traffic growth by ensuring search engines can effortlessly understand what your crypto service is and how it will benefit the searcher.

Crypto is a very competitive niche, you can see this from the ranking difficulty for most of the top projects and keywords alone. So how can you rank a new crypto based company whose name is not well known? Well, that’s what we do, and here is how: We identify the target audience and tailor content around their indirect searches.

Get More Liquidity And Users on Your DeFi Network

We are a cryptocurrency SEO agency boasting a team of top-tier SEO specialists! We also have a deep understanding of the cryptoeconomy. We have written articles ranging from DeFi and the Future of Finance, to Zk Rollups. We live and breathe Crypto as much as we live and breathe SEO.

crypto seo agency SEO for web3 and blockchain projects
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Is SEO for Blockchain Companies Worth It?

Let me ask you this; Is it worth it for your company to get more organic traffic from lots of different countries? Yes! Then SEO for Crypto is MORE than worth it. Your budget should be allocated to SEO rather than one off crypto influencers!

Imagine you are trying to take your Blockchain website global from day one, but you don’t know how to rank in both EU and USA. Well, we do, we know particular strategies to help your website rank in different countries and continents.

Even if you don’t want to rank globally as you only deliver products locally. We have strong Local SEO Strategies that will exponentially grow your eCommerce sales.

Crypto Influencers vs Crypto SEO Strategy

We all know the crypto influencers like BitBoy Crypot, Crypto Mason, Crypto Wendy, etc. Well we know just how much they cost for a single post, can you guess? Upwards of $10k per post! That will get you at least 5 months of our SEO strategy depending on the Crypto SEO Package you go for!

It is much more economical and sustainable to invest in a long term organic growth strategy as a crypto company. Let go of the moonboy mindset. If you intend to be a legit blockchain company, invest in long term growth, not quick price wins.

Book a call with us now and we can help you out. It is worth mentioning we also know crypto Twitter growth strategies, so if you are interested in your social presence, let’s discuss that too!

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Our Results speak for themselves

We are not all talk

SEO Results from technical SEO fixes
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Are Crypto Web3 Keywords competitive?

Web3 keywords are highly competitive, reflecting the burgeoning interest and rapid growth in this sector.

As more businesses and entrepreneurs enter the Web3 space, the fight for visibility on search engines intensifies.

Keywords related to Web3 encompass a wide range of topics from basic terms like ‘blockchain’ and ‘cryptocurrency’ to more specific phrases like ‘decentralized finance’ and ‘NFT marketplace’. The high competition level for these keywords is a testament to both the increasing public interest in Web3 technologies and the fierce battle among websites to rank for terms that attract a tech-savvy, forward-thinking audience.

This competitive landscape necessitates a strategic, well-researched SEO approach to stand out.

Is your crypto website mobile optimized?

Having a mobile-optimized website is no longer a luxury—it’s a necessity. The majority of internet users now access information via smartphones and tablets, making mobile optimization crucial for reaching a wider audience. For crypto websites, this means ensuring that your site’s design, content, and functionalities are seamlessly accessible and efficiently usable on various mobile devices.

Mobile optimization impacts not only user experience but also significantly affects search engine rankings, particularly after Google’s mobile-first indexing update. A crypto website that isn’t mobile-friendly risks losing potential traffic and, consequently, potential investors or users.


We have a 95% client retention rate

Choose your Crypto SEO Agency Package

Our Crypto SEO Packages are more expensive as it is a highly competitive market. If you want results, you have to spend a little more.

Layer 2 SEO

Per Month
  • Monthly Report
  • Technical SEO Recommendations
  • 2-4 Crypto Backlink building campaign
  • 4 Technical Articles with SEO Keywords
  • Google Search Console Management
  • Google Anlytics Management
  • Keyword Research - Identify low hanging fruit

Layer 1 SEO

Per Month
  • Monthly Report
  • Technical SEO Recommendations
  • 6-8 Crypto Backlink building campaign
  • 10 Technical Articles with SEO Keywords
  • Google Search Console Management
  • Google Analytics Set up and reporting
  • Keyword Research
  • Google My Business Page Management
  • Competitor Keyword Gap Analysis

Big Budget Crypto SEO

Get in touch
  • More Backlinks
  • More Articles
  • More Technical Deep Dives
  • Web Page Building and Content Strategy

Our other web3 services

If you are not looking for SEO, how about a new website?

Crypto Twitter

Our digital marketing agency excels in Social Media services, optimizing your online presence and engagement across platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Web3 SEO

Our digital marketing agency excels in SEO services, enhancing your online visibility and search engine rankings to drive organic traffic and boost your online success.

Crypto PPC

Our digital marketing agency excels in PPC services, crafting targeted ad campaigns to maximize your online reach and drive immediate results.

Local SEO

Excel in search results and amplify your local clientele with our Local SEO services! Utilize tried-and-true local criteria to enhance your organic presence and boost your revenue.

Blockchain Web SEO Audit

Our Experts evaluate your site's compatibility with search engines to devise a tailored strategy for its ascent in search results.

Crypto WordPress SEO

WordPress stands out in organic searches amongst content management systems – let us refine it even further for you!

SEO Experts, AMA

Crypto SEO FAQ

Crypto SEO refers to search engine optimization strategies specifically tailored for websites and content related to cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. It involves optimizing web content to rank higher in search engine results for crypto-related keywords and phrases.

SEO is crucial for cryptocurrency websites because the crypto industry is highly competitive and rapidly evolving. Effective SEO helps these sites gain visibility, attract targeted traffic, and establish authority in the crypto space, which is essential for building trust and credibility among potential investors and users.

Key strategies include keyword research focused on crypto-specific terms, content creation that addresses the unique needs and questions of the crypto audience, technical SEO to ensure website speed and mobile-friendliness, and building quality backlinks from reputable sources within the crypto industry.

Content marketing is pivotal in Crypto SEO as it involves creating valuable, informative, and engaging content that resonates with the crypto community. This can include blog posts, cryptocurrency guides, market analysis, and news updates, which help in attracting and retaining a relevant audience while improving search engine rankings.

Yes, social media can significantly impact Crypto SEO. Active engagement on platforms like Twitter, Reddit, and LinkedIn helps in building a community, increasing brand visibility, and driving traffic to the website. While social media signals are not direct ranking factors, they contribute to broader SEO efforts by enhancing online presence and authority.

One major challenge is the constantly changing landscape of the crypto world, which requires SEO strategies to be agile and adaptable. Additionally, adhering to search engine guidelines while navigating the complex and sometimes controversial nature of crypto-related content can be challenging. Staying updated with the latest trends and regulations is key to effective Crypto SEO.

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